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Home Safes

Composite fire and cash safes for home use. Electronic or dial combs available upon request.

Cash Safes

Designed for cash use, available in a variety of sizes and ratings for your business needs.

Data Safes

For you home, computers, media, film and negatives protecting from humidity/fire and water.

Gun Safes

To secure your valuables (ie guns, ammo, documents from misuse, theft and fire.

Burglary Safes

Protecting your most valuable possessions. Designed to protect jewelry, airlooms and cash. These safes are meant to withstand cutting, drilling. prying, and brute force. 

“Today Will Be Different”

Welcome to SOS Lock N Safe Inc, your subject matter experts, providing knowledge & expertise for your physical security needs. We are located in Calgary, 100% Canadian owned, licensed, bonded and insured and ready to provide you with quality locksmith services.

Safes For Sale

Eagle SB series high security safes provide UL Class 350 degree F, 60 minute fire rating (UL Class 350-1 hour) and UL RSC listed premium burgarly and fire protection (UL 1037 RSC).

The burglary protection consists of a 2″ thick door and 3″ thick body with 3 stationary locking bolts on the hinge side, and an independent glass re-locking device as standard features.

Models – SB – 01C, 02C, SB – 03C, SB-04c

Modern and stylish Fire-resistant safes, perfect for home and/or business use that offer superior fire protection for your valuables and important documents.